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about 22ple

The Only Way to Protect Your Investment


After years of research and development 22ple has created car care protection products that will truly amaze you.

Can your current paint protection do this and give you this level of protection?

3 years on, 3 harsh Winter, high mileage, loads of road salt and yet it keeps going and come back asking for more.

If you want a durable protection to protect your vehicles from harsh environment, then you’ll need 22PLE!


"This is the only coating I use. I find it offers the deepest shine which is what my customers want. "


"A very easy to apply and remove glass coating. It has great shine and longevity."

Shawn S.

"I would definitely use 22PLE again. It is easy to use and we have seen that it offers over 2 years of protection. I would highly recommend this product."

Manuel S.