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22ple Finitura




Super Glassy car22ple Finitura will allow you to quickly apply a durable layer of protection that really makes the paint pop! After 3 years of development, 22ple released Finitura, which is a unique top coating that can also be used as a stand-alone protection product.

As a stand-alone product, Finitura will provide a deep, wet, glossy, sleek finish, that repels moisture with ease. If you already protected your car with a coating Finitura can be applied directly on top of it and it really enhances that protection.

You will not only see the same increased gloss, hydrophobic and protective properties but according to 22ple, Finitura will improve scratch resistance on glass coatings by over 500%.

If you keep getting watermarks this is an absolute must have product as it will repel them incredibly well!

The application is super easy so you get great results in very little time. With an economical and easy to use formula, we can not think of a reason not to give Finitura a try!

For the best look and protection, 22ple recommends using Activate followed by a coating, topped with Finitura. You can however use the Activate and Finitura combo for great results as well.